New Mum Advice Cards

There are several popular comments about how children don’t come with a manual. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of information out there for the new mum. A y mum to be and her mother arrived in my studio to look over images from a maternity session. After the young mum left her mother asked me if there was a way to use the images to create advice cards. I immediately thought of Moo Cards.

Moo is a custom printing company most known for their multi-image business cards.  The mother and I picked a few images from the session that she loved for the front of the cards.
I then created a back for the card that could be filled out by the baby shower guests.

The cards were mailed with the shower invitations. Guests filled them out and then brought them to the shower. The cards were all hole punched and tied with a ribbon, making a cute gift for the mum to be.

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  1. People did this for us at our baby shower and we really appreciated it. Our LO is now 2 and most of the advice is for the infant stage, but I recently rediscovered the cards and enjoyed reading through them again.


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