LinkedIn app adds calendar

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It’s designed to help people meet and recommend each other professionally. The site strongly cautions against adding people to your network that you don’t actually know. LinkedIn came out with a mobile phone application some time ago and more recently added a tablet application.

When the tablet application was released they updated the new features to mobile application to match. The application opens to a new home page. At the top of the screen you have a LinkedIn logo, which provides more options via a drop down menu, and search bar. Beneath that displays 2 boxes. On the left is the LinkedIn Today which mentions various articles. Tapping this button will open the News page. On the right is a new feature. Calendar integration.

The calendar feature syncs with your phone’s calendar, in my case my Google Calendar. The box itself displays the most recent event on your calendar. This brings me to my first issue with the integration. It doesn’t just integrate your calendar, it integrates anyone who share’s with you. My husband and oldest Spawn both have Google Calendar’s which they share with me. On the Google Calendar these are listed in nicely colored boxes so that I know who is where. LinkedIn calendar integration does not make that distinction. My LinkedIn Calendar shows that I’m at GiGSE, which I’m not.

Tapping on the calendar box brings you to a day by day calendar, displayed vertically. On the days when you have no events there is a stating such with a whimsical line drawing. On days when you do have an event it lists the event with the LinkedIn avatar of any guests that were invited. I can see how this would be helpful if you used the calendar to plan only business related items but my personal events become bogged down with the default avatars if I haven’t added all the event guests to my LinkedIn account.

The calendar opens to today’s entries. If you scroll down, one day at a time, you will eventually get to where you want to get back to today or the top. You can scroll up but if you do you have to carefully watch to stop on today’s date. It doesn’t pause at today, it just keeps going into the past. It’s very easy to swipe to long and suddenly end up in last year. A button in the header will jump to today’s date but I would have preferred a slow scroll rate or forced stop when you got to today. Before you think I’m just being picky remember that this calendar displays everything from any calendar shared with you. In my case I have to scroll past 3 entries on the same day, with the same little avatars, because I have a standing dinner date with friends after work and it’s on all of our calendars.

For good or bad this is a view calendar only. You can not make entries, edit entries or even change the options. There is no settings option. I’m not really sure what purpose this serves other than to be able see the LinkedIn avatars of the people that you have invited to an event using your calendar.

Under the two boxes, LinkedIn Today and Calendar, displays the Recent Updates. Recent updates are the twitter feeds, activities and other announcements made by your network. These can be interesting to browse through.

This review was done using an Android phone (yes the original Android) and Google Calendar. Click here to see my LinkedIn profile.

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