My Traveling Beading Bag

As crafting becomes more popular more and more people are looking for ways to transport their projects to various gatherings. There is no reason to go out and buy a specialty case for this. Just revamp what you have. This is my bag.

It’s actually a make up bag from 31. It was the free hostess item when I had my party. I had no need for it as I don’t usually use make up and what I have can fit easily in a sandwich size Ziploc if it really needs to travel. Needing to find a use for the bag I realized that my beading projects would fit nicely into it. The bag has an outside zippered pocket and 2 interior sections which can be accessed separately.

The first section has 2 clear zippered pouches which attach to the bag with Velcro. The one on the left has 2 stackable bead containers and the project itself. The other pocket has a variety of things that I would need for most projects. Headpins, clasps, jump rings, extra needles. All that fuss that you usually forget when your packing a project. There is also a flat pocket, not shown, that I keep a piece of folded up felt in. I use the felt as a bead mat. It’s only a few cents at the craft store and works just as well as pricey beading mats.

The second section has one large, clear zippered pouch that attaches with Velcro. This pouch is perfect for holding larger items like my sinew, Firewire, and threads. I also keep larger packages of headpins and findings here. The other side has a pocket with an elastic top. Perfect for my tools, grips and scissors. There is a clear flap that falls over the pocket to help prevent the tools from rubbing against the clear pouch when closed.

This turned out to be the perfect use for freebie bag that I would have otherwise put in the attic and forgot about. If you need a way to store your items go back through your collection of old bags and see if there is something that you can make work. Hope you enjoyed a look in my bag, be sure to share yours in the comments.