Wedding Card Idea

There is a great woman named Rose who hosts Stamp Camp once a month. She cuts out and preps 5 different cards to make all with carefully written instructions. This would be were I have the most problems. It’s not that the directions aren’t clear. It’s not that she doesn’t review every step with us. It’s that I always do something that ends up deviating from the plan.

This card features a stamp that has words in the shape of a wedding cake. This was supposed to have the ribbon wrapped around the card that stamped square piece on top. Instead I was taken by how much the pleated ribbon reminded me of a basket handle.

I placed the square at the bottom of the card and curved the ribbon so that it was tucked behind the square piece. This design would also work well for a spring themed card. Just use a shorter box and longer piece of ribbon and you have plenty of room for stamped flowers or to put other items.

The trick is using the pleated ribbon so that it lays almost flat. I tried to replicate the look with regular ribbon but it didn’t lay as flat.


Wedding card


I made this at a make and take event a few weeks ago. I decided to modify the directions and placed the ribbon in a semi circle to get a basket effect.