Personalizing your envelopes

A fun trend in cards is to decorate the envelopes. This provides an extra professional look while maintaining the homemade and crafty appearance. Decorating envelopes can be simple but you need to keep a few things in mind.

Remember the purpose

An envelope is a way to package your card so that it gets to it’s destination safely, and without a bunch of strangers reading your message. Envelopes must conform to several standards if they are going to be mailed. The main one being that the mail carrier needs to be able to read and identify where it’s going.

This card is adorable and the envelope is cute, but can you spot the issues?

First, the decoration is stamped onto a separate piece of paper which is then attached to the envelope. This is an issue as anything attached to the envelope must be completely sealed down or it will get stuck in the machinery used to sort the mail.

Second, the punched circle overlaps the edges of the envelope. Again it will cause issues for the sorting machines, and may cost you more in postage because of the hand sorting that will be required.

The final issue is that the decoration is placed where the return address is supposed to be. If you place one small stamp next to your return address it’s fine. But this is large and precludes the ability to have a return address on the front of the envelope. A return address is not a requirement for something to be mailed but it’s nice to be able to get something back if it can’t be delivered.

Subtle is better 

Subtle decorations can add a fun element.

Use the same stamp and ink color on the envelope that you used on the card. This provides continuity between the card and envelope without disrupting the function.

Another whimsical idea is to stamp the card and then, without re-inking, stamp the envelope. This will give the envelope a softer imprint of the design from the card.

Remember to watch the placement. The lower left corner, and both right corners are great for stamping. Keep in mind that the postage will be placed in the upper right corner so only put something there that won’t be lost under the postage.

Not every envelope has to be mailed

Now that I’ve reviewed what to watch out for don’t throw out the envelopes that are decorated but can’t be mailed. You can always save those cards for hand delivering or place them in a larger envelope than can get through the postal service.



Wedding card


I made this at a make and take event a few weeks ago. I decided to modify the directions and placed the ribbon in a semi circle to get a basket effect. 

New Mum Advice Cards

There are several popular comments about how children don’t come with a manual. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of information out there for the new mum. A y mum to be and her mother arrived in my studio to look over images from a maternity session. After the young mum left her mother asked me if there was a way to use the images to create advice cards. I immediately thought of Moo Cards.

Moo is a custom printing company most known for their multi-image business cards.  The mother and I picked a few images from the session that she loved for the front of the cards.
I then created a back for the card that could be filled out by the baby shower guests.

The cards were mailed with the shower invitations. Guests filled them out and then brought them to the shower. The cards were all hole punched and tied with a ribbon, making a cute gift for the mum to be.

New Stamps!

I’m so excited today. My new Stampin’ Up! stamps and punches came in. Because I mainly do cards I wanted small stamps that would fit on my pages. I picked up the Petite Pairs set, which has several phrases for major occasions. I can see myself using those alot. I also got the Elementary Elegance set, which is also sized to work well with cards.

I’ve never had punches before but discovered that I kept wanting to be able to create circles. After several days of tracing and hand cutting using scissors I decided that I really just needed a punch. Why make the job harder than it has to be? I purchased the 1 3/4″ punch as it seemed to be a good general size. I also purchased the 2 2/3″ Scallop Circle after seeing it used at a friends workshop. I have so many ideas for this stuff.

I wanted all the inks too but decided to wait on those. I have lots of markers and 2 pads of black that I can start with. No point in going overboard. Besides what will I buy at the next workshop if I have it all now?

How to Make Boo Boo Bunnies

Boo Boo Bunnies

Boo Boo Bunnies are cute little bunnies with a hole in the center for an ice-cube. The bunnies make cute gifts for baby showers or as a project with older kids for the spring. They should not be used with children under 3 without modification to remove and/or secure the small parts. Modifications are listed at the end of the instructions.  It is not recommended that the bunny be stored in the freezer. Instead store the bunny in a dry place and only put the ice into him when it’s needed for a “boo boo”.

These are very easy to make and require only a few easy to find items.

Items needed:

  • 1 – 12 in. X 12 washcloth or piece of terry cloth with finished edges
  • 1 – rubber band
  • 2 – googly eyes
  • 1 – small white or black pom-pom for the nose
  • 1 – large colored pom-pom for the tail
  • 1 – 14 in. piece of ribbon
  • 1 – pair scissors
  • 1 – bottle standard white glue
  • 1 – plastic ice-cube (optional)


Layout the washcloth with one point towards you. Fold the bottom upward to make a triangle.

Starting at the bottom (long side) of the triangle roll the washcloth upwards into a tube.

Fold the tube in half.

Holding the tube flat, fold the ends up and back to the first fold.

Secure the second fold with a rubber band. (The ice cube will go into the space behind the ears where the finger is in the image above)

Adjust the ends back up to make the bunny’s ears.

Glue on the eyes, nose and tail. I like to use the same color ribbon as the tail but you can mix and match however you like.

Tie the ribbon around the rubber band to hide it.  For more variety you can use multicolored or patterned washcloths.

Under 3 Modifications

Replace the googly eyes with pieces of felt sewn down or draw the eyes using a Sharpie.

Instead of gluing the tail and nose, sew them securely to the bunny.

Thank you to my dear husband for holding the bunny still for the pictures. While they are simple to make they do require both hands.