The end of a chapter

17 years ago I never even really thought about what this moment would be like. We had just moved into a new home as our apartment was to small for 3. That August, 4 weeks before my due date, we welcomed a 6 lbs 9 oz baby home. He hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. Walked early, talked early and developed a love of reading early.

We homeschooled until he was 12 at which point we decided to send him to a private school for more advanced subjects. At 12 he tested into the 12th grade academically, but we knew he wasn’t ready emotionally for high school. Instead he went into 7th grade and later high school, where he majored in Drafting. Despite all his extra curricular activities he still found time to participate in a college credit program. He is graduating high school with a few college credits already under his belt.

He’s graduating high school. It sounds so foreign. It’s going to be strange having him leave for college in the fall. He has a confidence and understanding of the world that I never had at that age. He knows what he wants and has a plan to get it. I’m so proud.